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Lunch and Tea

As we grow, we will add to this menu.  We are a family shop and are growing steadily to cater for our customers.

Call The SAFFA Shack on 06 875 8366 to avoid disappointment and book yours.

For now, we offer the following:

Mini or Large Milk Tart: Mini -$3.99   Large -$12.99

Traditional South African Tart made on a base of biscuits and filled with a subtly sweet milky, cinnamon filling.

Mini and Large Peppermint Crisp Tart:   Mini - $4.99   Large -$15.99

A favourite at any dinner table, especially Christmas lunch or dinner.  A creamy caramel fridge tart sprinkled with Peppermint Crisp chocolate.  Lovely and sweet.

Cremora Tart $3.99

Cremora Tarts are made with South Africa's favourite coffee creamer. A sweet, and lemon flavoured tart on a bed of biscuit base.

A Box of Koeksisters for $3.99

Koeksisters are another very traditional and much loved sweet delicacy among the South Africans.  A plaited dough fried in oil and dunked in a traditionally made ginger, lemon and cinnamon syrup. Irresistible and will hit that sweet spot.

Bunny Chow 

1/4 loaf - $6.99 .  1/2 loaf - $12.99

Hollowed out bread with authentic Durban curry filled to the brim.  A serious hunger buster!  Very famous take away meal and much loved by South Africans all over.  Durban Curry Bunny Chow!

Comes in tender beef for the moment.  In future we will offer mutton/lamb and chicken bunnies.

A choice of mild or medium hot bunnies is available.  For those that need a sting, we can add chillies!

Bobotie and Rice

Single Bobotie with Rice: $3.99

Add another helping of Bobotie to that: $5.99

We have a lovely Cape Bobotie for those that prefer a lighter lunch.  Slightly curried mince dish washed with an egg custard, served with a bed of yellow rice, and garnished with slices of banana and a dollop of Mrs Balls Chutney.

Saffa Christmas Cake

450g Christmas Cake: $9.99

An old tried and tested Christmas Cake loved by all in our family.  This one was made for weddings, its so yummy!

Come grab a box for your Christmas lunch/dinner.  You wont regret it.

SAFFA Malva Pudding - $12.99

Traditionally made Malva Pudding that everyone loves for any celebration.

Rich, brown, moist, spongy cake soaked in a sweet buttery syrup sauce.  

Excellent with ice cream in summer and hot custard in winter.

Make sure you order these in advance.  They go quick :)

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