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What's Up?

​Saffa Shack News and updates about what is happening​, especially for those that don't have Facebook.

29 December

​Its Saturday and we are having wors rolls everyone. Larger rolls means more wors $5 each.

We are now making Saffa Malva Pudding for $12.99.  Customers that have bought it have given the all thumbs up.  Come and try it.

We are closed as from 1pm - Monday 31 December until we open again at 9am on Thursday 3 January 2019.

Happy New Year from The SAFFA Shack team.

20 December

Update for our Christmas and New Years open times:

The SAFFA Shack will be open:

9am - 1pm Monday 24 December
and then closed
Tuesday 25 Dec and Wednesday 26 Dec

9am Thursday 27 December

Then open
9am - 1pm Monday 31 December
and then closed
Tuesday 1 Jan and Wednesday 2 Jan

9am Thursday 3 Jan

​16 December

Yesterday we started selling bobotie and rice.  We have a lovely recipe and you can come in for a single or double lunch meal.

$3.99 for a single bobotie and rice with a side of banana slices and chutney

$5.99 for a extra portion of bobotie on top of that.

Come on in and give it a try.  We serve this during the week too if you need a light meal when on the go.

1 December 2018

Bunny Chows today!  Come and get em! Tender beef bunnies.  Medium or mild. 1/4 loaf $6.99.  1/2 loaf $12.99

See you there. :)

27 November 2018

The SAFFA Shack is now making Bunny Chows with a new and improved Durban Curry recipe endorsed by Executive chef Kevin Joseph of the Oyster Box in Umhlanga, Durban.

Come in for a lunch time take away and get a 1/4 loaf for $6.99 and a half loaf for $12.99.  All tender beef bunnies for now.  In the near future, we will make mutton/lamb or chicken :)

See you there.

21 November 2018

Havelock North Street Carnival 24 November 2018

Hi everyone.  The Havelock North Street carnival will be upon us on Saturday.  We will be having our wors rolls outside our shop.  No doubt you will smell them from anywhere in Havelock North.